This project is an important part of SSW’s positioning within the context of Aberdeenshire and the Northeast of Scotland. As SSW is primarily a workshop and studio space, we are constantly looking for ways to engage with other practices that share our interests in material, from tools, to skills and processes, to final objects. It became clear to us that the Northeast of Scotland, extending from the Cairngorms to Peterhead, and from Aberdeen to the Cabrach, had a large number of small workshops with highly skilled craftspeople. We were interested in a conversation with them, and curious about their histories and livelihoods. From this, the idea of a hard disk detailing their work and backgrounds was born.

Over the last years we have been gathering people, photographs and interviews, and have now launched a website, including a map that makes visible the breadth of regional craft practices. The dialogue prompted by this project has been extended to artists who come to work at SSW, with collaborations emerging from it, such as Slow Prototypes, which looks at collaborations between local expertise and international practioners. The website is now publicly available on and we welcome you to be part of this conversation.

For further information regarding the history and methodology of the project, please visit the website.


Pam Blackhall, kiktmaker     Martine Blair, seamstress     Dick Chapman, blacksmith     Helen Denerley, sculptor
Barry Florence, craft butcher     Alan Fyfe, cabinet maker     Kirsten Gren, ceramicist     Allan Bruce, Glenrock
Brian Fraser, aggregates’ engineer     Forbes Lesley, farmer     Dennis McBain, coppersmith     Ian MacDonald, cooper
Dave Bullock, stonemason     Rodney Rollo, aggregates’ engineer     John Sinclair, craft butcher
Gavin Smith, wood carver     Andy Stewart, joiner     Jason Sim, farrier     Ian Smith, bee keeper
Scott Sutherland Thomson, cheese maker     James Reid, cheese maker     Doug Cookson, baker
Rob Nichols, clock mender/restorer     Gordon Watt, stained glass    David Martin, piano tuner and restorer
Ian Greig, violin maker     Steven Denham, dry stone wall builder     Richard Duncan, meal miller


Project Curators     Nuno Sacramento, Sera James Irvine

Interviews     Sera James Irvine and Heather Maslen

Photography     All photographs © Heather Maslen

Except for: Sera James Irvine – Allan Bruce, Brian Fraser, Rodney Rollo and Mike Davidson, Positive Image – Pam Blackhall

Webpage     Ben Burtenshaw

Map design     Sofia Oliveira 

Intern     Tess Faria

SSW Staff     Nuno Sacramento, Emily Windham Gray, Eden Jolly, Sara Gallie

Project Supported by Creative Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council – Be Part of the Picture


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