Last Month at SSW: Residencies/ projects / visits

September has been busy and exciting month at SSW! We have been busy with our final AiR residencies of 2016, we have been working on projects, we have been visiting partners in Finland, we have taken part in workshops in Italy and we have welcomed a new staff member to the team!

Andrew Dunlop joined us at the start of September to take on the role as Arts Administration Assistant! Already we dont know what we would do without him!


We have had plenty of activity around the Turf to Tools project. Darrel and Kelly will sadly be leaving us this week but we look forward to welcoming them back again… hopefully soon! Below are links to the project blogs-


We had a great month of AiR residencies with artists Katriona Gillespie, Rowan Markson, Katie Spragg and Cath Whippey. Again we are sad to say goodbye to group but welcome them back anytime!

As part of the AiR programme, we ran our final SSW Public talk for the season with invited artist Hannah Imlach:


SSW office and programme managers, Sara and Yvonne visited Frontiers in Retreat project partners HIAP in Helsinki, attended FiR Seminar: Non human Non Animal they also attended the Pixelache 2016 festival: Interfaces for Empathy ran by SSW FiR artist Mari Keski- Korsu, and met up with past SSW programme Assistant, the lovely Vivian Ross-Smith!


IMAGE: Vivian Ross-Smith, @vrosssmitSSW

Director Nuno Sacramento also took a trip to Bari, Italy to take part this years Vessel International Curatorial Workshop and to present his Deep Mapping work.




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