August Artist in Residence

Our artists for the month of August have settled in and are at the half-way point of their residency here at SSW. The past two weeks has seen a busy and exciting atmosphere of conversations and making from a diverse group of residents.

We started off the first week with a Pecha Kucha presentation about everyone’s practice, and breakfast on the beautiful hand-built Scots Pine table made by American artists Sara Black and Amber Ginsberg!



Roi Carmeli


In the last year Roi has been looking at how societal representation from the past to present has developed a language in his work that addresses connections between new media and traditional methods of sculpture. With a background in glass work and completing his MFA at Glasgow School of Art last year, Roi uses techniques in his work that reflect his historical and anthropological research of human identity.

Through working both in the foundry casting bronze and in ceramics creating clay forms and characters, and experimenting with glazes, Roi has been  investigating the methods of his own practice and exploring social conventions and the way in which we perceive our current state of things.

See more of Roi’s work.

Fran Gordon



Fran’s work revolves around the themes of image reproduction, re-presentation and fabrication of knowledge. Relating this notion to found imagery both from books and online, she explore how images are used for documentation and can be considered to be reliable sources; sometimes without questioning their realness. Printmaking is central to her practice not only as a mode for reproduction but to also suggestively revive those analogue, forgotten images; replaced by virtual copies or lost in second hand book shops.

Fran is currently at a point of ‘in-between, having finished her first year of my MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art. She has been using her time at SSW to reflect and experiment with different materials and new methods of production.

To see more of Fran’s work, visit her website here.

Svava Thordis Juliusson


Svava’s practice explores the tension that occurs when chance meets potential, through the manipulation of commonplace and industrial materials. Her studio investigations are purposefully intuitive; the sculptural objects that develop reference the physical act of drawing a line in space, the substance of a particular colour, or the shape of an abstracted form. The process of attaching one thing to another until a familiar shape emerges, coincides or collides with ideas around landscape, domestic spaces and physical gestures.

Since being here Svava has been experimenting with a range of materials, natural and synthetic to produce a body of work including experimental prints, cast aluminium work and collected material.

Visit Svava’s website.

Rachel Reid


Rachel’s practice as a portrait sculptor, is immersed in the process of sculpting the human form whilst experimenting with new tools and techniques.

She has spent the last decade working in Afghanistan, documenting abuses against women and civilians in an area of conflict. Her practice is informed by these women, who have risked their lives to push their society towards justice.

While at SSW Rachel has been working on a series of female portraits, experimenting with different materials and ways of working. This is in anticipation of a future project to memorialise the amazing contributions and courage of these Afghan women.


Visit Rachel’s website to see more of her work.

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