June Artists in Residence 2016

Summer has arrived and our artists in residence for the month of June are hard at work!

We are excited to see how the artists spend their month working on the development of their practice – whether this is for production, research or experimentation.

Sandra Blichert Christensen

Unspecified things and their stories behind has been the theme and interest of Danish artist Sandra’s practice. More specifically; the smaller abandoned and left behind things,that attracts the eye so badly that you unconsciously bend down, pick it up and later find it in your pocket again for being studies in an anthropological way. So far Sandra has spent her time at SSW creating ceramic objects and collecting found objects and materials from the local area.

See more of Sandra’s work.

Kelly Cave

Kelly Cave is a working artist in pursuit of her Masters in Sculpture at the University of Cincinnati. She uses interaction, education, and community to fuel her artistic practice. Through walking, working with local  materials, plants and metals and researching at Scottish Sculpture Workshop Kelly hopes to explore the local area and community.

Visit Kelly’s website.

Llŷr Erddyn Davies


Llyr is a Welsh artist practicing in Caernarfon, North Wales. He studied Fine Art at Falmouth University, graduating in 2014. Immersing himself in the casting processes at SSW Llyr is working on mould making for bronze casting and experimental iron pouring techniques.

See more from Llyr.

Penelope Matheson


Creating ceramic sculptures, Penelope’s practice is centred upon an enquiry into themes of desire and consumption; using ‘Pleionexia’ (a word derived from Ancient Greek to express overreaching greed and self serving behaviour) as an ‘umbrella’ term to cover the areas of her research which are quite diverse.

Read more about what Penelope has been doing.



George Beasley, Eden Jolly, Kate Thomson and Hironori Katagiri deep in thought!

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