SSW at Glasgow International

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During the weekend we ventured out of Lumsden and headed down to the central belt to enjoy the fantastic sights and sounds of Glasgow International Festival.

With a vast programme of exhibitions to get around we had our work cut out seeing as much as possible in just a long weekend. The festival exhibitions and events were spread out over the whole city making use of a huge range of spaces – from established galleries to less art specific, everyday spaces. We were particularly taken by the intriguing spaces of The Savoy Centre.

Tramway always impresses with its grand space but it was Mika Rottenberg’s video’s ‘NoNoseKnows’ and ‘Squeeze’ that took pride of place during the show for us. Well worth a visit to experience these fantastical and overwhelming films.

IMG_0603 (1)

Leon approved of the Glasgow Sculpture Studios exhibition!

Another strong film piece was ‘Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape (II)’ by Andy Holden. The three piece film looked through cartoon eyes to consider how the artist would progress in a world after the end of (art) history.


Andy Holden at Hanson Street Project Space.


Andy Holden at Hanson Street Project Space.


Yvonne – Consumed by art at Avant Garde.


The Modern Institute – Tom O’Sullivan and Joanne Tatham


‘Deuce Deuce’ at Skypark

With our brains a bit dazed and squished full of new knowledge its time to consider our whirlwind GI experience from back in the SSW studios in Lumsden.

We are currently welcoming student groups to work in the SSW space for the next 3 weeks and are preparing to kick off our years AiR programme too. There’s still time to apply and get involved in this years residency programme (deadline 2 May). For more information and application procedure take a look here –

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