Plant-lore and Jewellery Making with Artist Julia Cowie


As part of our ‘Storytelling Lumsden’ project artist in residence Julia Cowie took us on a workshop to learn about ‘Plant-lore and Jewellery Making’. 

We were delighted to have such a diverse group attend and try their hand at forming a wearable piece. We had a wide range of local, natural materials to experiment with and combine into finished jewellery.
The workshop started by discussing favourite plants or flowers and the group decided upon their favourite type’s of jewellery. Julia talked us through the vast range of natural materials to choose from and taught the group some simple jewellery making techniques. 

Julia’s work is her response to the landscape. She believes that landscape holds our history and sustains us. She works with natural materials from the local landscape as far as possible. Her work celebrates the interaction of people with their cultural and natural environments. Connecting with and creating in the landscape, a concern for sustainability and reflecting on the importance of the domestic is at the heart of her work.

Julia was pleased with the outcome of the workshop stating,
“I love working with natural materials and it seemed that everyone shared my enthusiasm. I was really excited by the lovely designs that people made and the wide range of people who joined in”

If you’d like to see more of Julia’s work visit her website –

The workshop was also a chance to talk about Lumsden memories and discuss life here. This workshop was the second of three as part of our Storytelling Lumsden project. The project aims to gather, share and map the stories of the residents of Lumsden. We are still in the process of gathering these stories and would love to hear from you if you have a story to share. Please get in touch by emailing

Our next workshop is ‘Ceramic Tile Decoration with Ceramicist Beth Bidwell’ at SSW on Tuesday 23rd February, 11am -1pm.

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