CALL: for past SSW Residents ‘Stories’


Are you a past resident of SSW? Do you have a story to tell about your time in Lumsden? We know you do! 

Storytelling Lumsden is a project that aims to gather, share and map the stories of the residents of Lumsden. For the past year the project has run a series of workshops and events within the community, often bringing together the residents of Lumsden village with the residents of SSW, to share and collate their stories about the village.

The project is now in its third and final stage, and Storytelling Lumsden would like to extend the invitation, of sharing your story, to all of SSW’s past residents.

We know that many stories are held by the artists who have come here, and we would be extremely grateful if you could take your time to share them with us for Storytelling Lumsden. Scottish Sculpture Workshop, sits at the edge of Lumsden but the workshop and the residents who have passed through, have played a central role in village for over 35 years. Your stories are particularly valuable to us as they describe a unique experience of Lumsden, and your time spent here.

Stories are welcomed in various forms, they could be written, recorded or even filmed. We are open to all kinds of narratives and there is no brief, but please note we are looking for stories based on real accounts as opposed to completely fictional works. Additionally, this is a community project about the village, therefore the stories should in some way relate to the people, place, landscape or community here.

Please send your stories to by the 27th March.
For more information or any questions please contact 01464 861372

Stories will be held in the projects collection and may be uploaded to the projects website with the artists permission. 

This is a Partnership Project and has been led and supported by Lumsden Community Association, Artist Petra Vergunst, who holds a PhD in Rural Development, Lumsden Primary School, the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub at the University of Aberdeen, Scottish Sculpture Workshop and the residents of Lumsden.

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