Welcome September Residents

This week at SSW we have welcomed new AiR residents; Caroline Allen, Erin Paradis, Katrina Valle and Hannah Rose Whittle. We also have Lotte Fisher joining us who won the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design Award this year for a residency at SSW.

Tuesday night saw us having a spectacle fuelled fire, thanks to some sawdust and a pallet that needed burned!

IMG_1150 IMG_1177 IMG_1181

And on Wednesday we had our introductory Pecha Kucha presentations with a classic potluck lunch afterwards.


IMG_1205 IMG_1211 IMG_1209 IMG_1204

Each artist briefly presented their practices which sparked some conversations.

Caroline takes object of cityscapes and brings to light their unusual aesthetic and function by reworking them in the fragile field of ceramics.


Erin, travelling from Minneapolis, is highly influenced by the architecture she encounters on new travels and the experience it brings her. With large scale ceramics and drawing, she pulls out abstracted shapes and colours to form a new environment for the viewer.


Katrina uses film and sculpture to look at how we experience space. She has created structures in the past for viewers to enter or for creating films. Katrina will be exploring the use of metal here in her practice.


Hannah too experiments with ceramics in its raw and embellished state. By using complimenting materials such as wooden structures, Hannah addresses clays inherent value as a functional, performative material.


Lotte uses drawing and sculpture to create her own other-wold of landscape, languages and inhabitants. Gathering scrap wood to build this worlds buildings in different scales we questioned this worlds time and spacial geography.


Of the residents presentations, initial processes of photography with themes of architecture and how we interact with objects seemed fluid crossovers. It will be interesting to see if Lumsden has something to offer in terms of this – as material or subtle influence.

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