Ojārs Feldbergs Artist Talk & Stone Planting

Last week we had Latvian artist Ojārs Feldbergs in residence with us, invited by George Beasley. On Friday Ojārs gave a talk about his practice in the Communities Room at SSW, describing his stone encompassing practice after serving whiskey and food on stones collected nearby. We then had a great potluck dinner in the Bothy.

The next day saw Ojārs with the help of his assistant, Lara, perform Stone Planting at the Huntly Hairst Festival. The blessing of the stone took place near the River Bogie in Huntly and the second part of the planting happened atop a hill near SSW. Here are some photos from the events:

(see the programme of events here)

IMG_0879 IMG_0883 IMG_0900 IMG_0915 IMG_0922 IMG_0927 IMG_0930 IMG_0954 IMG_0967 IMG_0970 IMG_0973 IMG_0985 IMG_0996 IMG_1009 IMG_1012 IMG_1023 IMG_1063 IMG_1065 IMG_1070 IMG_1081 IMG_1090 IMG_1096 IMG_1101 IMG_1123 IMG_1125 IMG_1135 IMG_1143


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