Stone Planting – Ojārs Feldbergs

Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Huntly Hairst invite you to join us in Stone Planting, a work by artist Ojārs Feldbergs taking place in Huntly, Aberdeenshire on Saturday 5th September 2015, 2pm.

Ojars bnw.jpg
Ojārs Feldbergs artistic practice spans four decades and ranges from the labour and visual allure of stone sculpting to recent acts of Stone Planting. This simple shared performance has travelled from Feldbergs’ local Latvia to the waters of Venice and will now be brought to Scotland for the Huntly Hairst. Feldbergs long connection to the material has formed a new Shamanic role of sorts – he will welcome us into a communal engagement with natural stones near the River Bogie. Before the burial, a personal desire or hope is put to the stone, placing a weight of wish into this otherwise lifeless mineral for it’s planting. Then, a smouldering smoke ritual is made with fire and water. As an audience and followers we will journey to the specific planting site to offer and experience the healing sowing.

Stone Planting will begin at 2pm at the River Bogie Bridge near Huntly railway station. The performance is in two parts with the initial lasting approximately an hour and a half at the River Bogie. The second part with a duration of four hours will involve walking to Clashmach Hill and later returning to Huntly Square. Participants are recommended to wear appropriate clothing for walking.

15 minutes – Gathering
15 minutes – Ojārs’ speech
1 minute per person – Stone wishing
30 minutes – Fire and water ritual
2 hours – Walk to the Clashmach Hill site
30 minutes – Stone Planting
2 hours – Return to Huntly centre

Huntly Hairst is an annual two-day festival in Huntly, Aberdeenshire promoting and showcasing local food production. For more information and a programme, please visit:

Pedvale is an Open-Air Art Museum in Latvia founded by Feldbergs, more of his work can be found here: 

Facebook event page

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