Change is in the AiR!

After a couple of busy months with Camp Breakdown Break Down and other projects we are back to the usual happenings at SSW. The stone circle that was used for the camp will remain in the yard for a while, allowing for some more summer fires. The studios have had a little shuffle around to allow for more wall and floor space and we said goodbye to our Ceramics Intern, Sinead, who has helped Beth create a clay and glaze database for incoming artists to refer to. We also had a family of young swallows that were growing outside the ceramics workshop, they’ve now flown the nest!




This week we have welcomed a full house of artists on residency. Starting the August AiR programme are Katrin Hanusch, Felipe Madureira, Senri Nojima and Dan Price.

We also have Open Access artists joining us – Brigitte Rio from Paris and SSW regulars Sam Spreckley and Fanny Christie (this is Fanny’s 10th year at SSW!)

And lastly we have Jason Nelson and Stephen Murray working on a commission for Kintore Primary School.

Yesterday we held group presentations using the Pecha Kucha format which is always a quick but interesting way to have an insight into our residents past work as they start here.



Katrin who is based in London is interested in the traces that an object can hold, its decay and potential life or movement that can be perceived within the sculpture or installation.



Felipe has a varied practice having worked in filmmaking, graphic design and public art projects. He is now starting to experiment more with sculpture and plans to use the foundry whilst here.


Senri, coming from Japan, has mainly worked with stone sculpting in his practice and will be doing smaller scale work here.


Dan has a strong background in iron and metal working along with creating his own performative sculptures. He is already rummaging around the local area for lightweight materials and hopes to connect with the community.

And here’s some general photos of the studios and workshops at the moment…

Brigittes studio:



Sam busy in ceramics:


One of Fanny’s moulds:


A part of Jason and Stephens work in progress:


And the foundry post-pour today:



It’s set to be an exciting month here and we’re really interested to see what all of the artists create!


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