Suddenly December has arrived and the snow has started to fall. Scottish Sculpture Workshop has been getting a  makeover for Christmas with the Bofis having been given a new lease of life with magazines, a television, armchair and working desk. We hope the residents will enjoy using this cosy room in 2015.


Our ceramics technician Beth Bidwell has also been planning for the next year, experimenting with new glazes. As seen here there are a vast variety of possibilities in glazing ceramics and now artists in residence can see first hand examples of the process.


We said goodbye to Cat Hotchkiss and Vicki Fleck this week who both headed back to Glasgow after a very productive Night Shift residency. We had a brief but inspiring visit from artist Piers Watson, who is currently travelling across the UK and Europe visiting arts organisations, sharing his research in primitive casting techniques.


Piers is exploring the  process of “Luted Crucible Bronze Casting”, ‘Luted’ or sealed crucible casting is a  low-cost and low-tech method of casting, relatively unknown outside India and West Africa. We were delighted that Piers brought along a selection of his work for us to view and look forward to him keeping in touch. During Piers’s visit there was even time for an impromptu sound off with our head technician Eden Jolly….


We’ve also been saying hello to Jim Buchanan. Jim is working on a project within Riverbank Primary School in Aberdeen and will be spending this week at SSW whilst in the research stages of his project. He has been making full use of the open studio space, projecting labyrinths on the studio walls with an old-school projector.


Jim originally trained as a landscape architect and his work over the years has surrounded the use of Labyrinths within landscape. His most recent project involved working with a children’s hospital in Canada, building an indoor light labyrinth with an accompanying sound piece. He joins us after attending conferences to share his work in the USA and France.


We’re looking forward to Jim’s return in 2015 to see how the project develops.

Next up after another busy year and as December draws to a close, the SSW staff will be rolling up their sleeves and gathering the paint brushes to give the facilities some TLC – fresh and ready for the residents of 2015!

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