November studio visits

Our Night Shift artists in residence are over half-way through their time at Scottish Sculpture Workshop. Markus, Vicki and Cat have been making use of the studio space and facilities.

Last Thursday the residents had the opportunity to present the works they have been developing so far to the rest of the group, and we had some interesting discussions surrounding how the works might develop past the residency time, and on the presentation possibilities of the work already produced.



Below is Victoria Fleck, an artist based in Glasgow. Vicki’s work responds primarily to place, specifically to northern locations. Here she is talking about ideas of place, site specificity and sound. During her time at SSW she has been taking long, repetitive walks into the local environment and  recording sounds within the environment. She is especially fond of visiting what she has dubbed as ‘Badgerland’.


She has been experimenting in propagating these sounds through materials such as wood and her own hand-made ceramic objects. She has also been using the ceramic objects outdoors to record sound through.



Artist and Architect Markus Holtby is based just outside of New York. His practice surrounds exploring an immediate language between drawing, painting and sculpture.  Below is a picture of the work Markus has been recently producing.



Markus talked about using the drawings as a starting point, drawing with his eyes closed and with his non-dominant had to produce more intuitive, gestural forms of mark. He has then used these drawings to work in the forge, manipulating the steel to produce ribbon-like forms to which he has then encased found stones.

He has also been developing assemblages made out of scrap metal and welded together, from being able to gain a basic understanding of welding under the guidance of head technician Eden Jolly, Markus explained that he would be looking forward to being able to use the welding and forging facilities back in New York to carry on his experimentation.



Cat Hotchkiss is also based in Glasgow, and has an interest in performative or participatory art forms. She has been keeping herself busy working with ceramics, wood and collecting a range of local plants and berries to create her own dyes – in the process producing some interesting aromas in the Bothy kitchen!





She has also been exploring an interactive installation, challenging the environment of the gallery. She is interested in creating situations that force interaction from the audience with each other, negotiating spaces and evoking a sense of playful childhood memories.




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