Stephen Brandes working on Skills Biennale 2014

Skills Biennale is fast approaching, with the open weekend on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 September. You can catch the collaboration between Stephen Brandes, artist, and Ritchie Duncan, local miller from Alford Oats, in the SSW Yard from 12 noon to 6pm both days.

“I have been developing a series of dishes from oatmeal that range from the sublime to the absurd and ridiculous; seaweed flap jacks, beetroot communion wafers, and reindeer moss and oatmeal icecream.

Ritchie Duncan, the miller whose oats I have been using, has been creating the mobile unit from which to peddle the dishes to the public.”

Are you brave enough to come and sample Stephen’s oat creations, such as beetroot, sour cream and oat sorbet, served with kipper spinkles and fresh dill?



Below are images of the mobile unit Stephen and Ritchie have been working on:

10659160_10202797855973633_4746655458359530211_n 10461319_10202797855813629_2171892489657028686_n

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