August Resident Pecha Kucha

SSW is peaking in productivity this August. With Turf to Tools in full swing, our August residents are also getting stuck in, working hard in the workshops and the studios. Welcome Arabella Pio, Cheryl Papasian, Jo Tomlinson, Ellis Cameron, Kate Thomson and Hironori Katagiri!

Today we held our introductory Pecha Kuchas and had a lovely pot luck lunch in the bothy.

photo 1

Cheryl (above) makes large installations and small scale dioramas out of objects that explore the dichotomy between expensive materials and valuable adornment such as gold and platinum and mass produced objects.

Ellis is a jeweler, graduating from GSA this year. Her design practice is largely informed by landscape as a trigger for memory. Working mainly in monochrome, with silver and other precious materials, she is expanding her range of materials through found objects, collage and drawing during her time at SSW.

photo 3 photo 4

Jo’s (above) practice centers around form and substance through installation work of different scales. During her time at SSW she is examining the physical properties of rocks, which she has been collecting from quarries in Aberdeenshire. She has immersed herself in their micro and macro cosmic structures. These activities have lead to further found objects being included in her most recent productions, evolving into a wider examination of materials, surfaces and forms.

SONY DSC photo 5

Hironori Karagiri and Kate Thomson have been coming to SSW since its inception in 1979. They met at SSW during a Granite Carving Symposium, and went on to marry, living between Japan and Edinburgh. We have been looking forward to welcoming them back to SSW, celebrating their anniversary with them. They are both stone carvers and work internationally on public commissions and exhibitions – both as individuals and in collaboration. They showed us pictures of work in the early stages of their careers, both from SSW and further afield, and how their work has evolved and developed leading to their current practices and interests.


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