July Studio Visits

Our July Residencies are drawing to a close. We have had an incredibly busy month with projects, workshops and events, so before we say goodbye to the current group, we arranged a Studio Visit.


The residents had the opportunity to present what they have been working on during their stay and we had some very interesting discussions on which direction potential new work could take or how to approach further developments of productions made at SSW.


Below is Andrew MacDonald from Canada talking about ideas of tension and incompleteness in his new body of work. He works with knitted textiles and creates sculpture based work with overriding themes such as humour, figuration, failure and feelings of lack.

Currently, he is making a sculpture based installation that follows a comic-tragic narrative about the archaic and emotional self that we all carry around with us. Driven by a slapstick pathos he is creating forms that involve figures and abstract forms.


Here a picture of some of Shannon Stanwell’s work. She is an Australian artist with an iterative practice that employs a materially driven development process. She is interested in the nature of perception through self conscious communication, observation and introspection.

We talked at length about processes that use and rework found objects and ways of presenting them a highly formal setting.

She is conducting contextual and material research into commerce of surrounding communities through observation of spaces, objects and materials.


Catherine Street showed us new video work she is currently working on – along with two new audio pieces, some collages and drawings.

Catherine makes pervasive and dramatic installations, layering elements of video, sound drawing, collage, text and performance. These installations constitute potent and atmospheric environments to which a viewer is liable to feel a strong emotional response.

While at SSW she is researching ideas of gender and time’s passing.



The visit generated very fruitful responses and we had some really interesting talks on the back of it,  so much that we arranged to have wine and cheese in the bothy afterwards!



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