Pit Fire, Exhibition & Workshop

Come and see a traditional ceramic pit firing, participate in a sound workshop and try your luck at the SSW Games!

SSW is hosting a Spring Open Day, including the pit firing, workshops and activities.

The firing will begin at 11am and run all day. If you have any small ceramic works which have already been bisque fired please bring them along to SSW prior and we can add them to the process. There are also small tokens which participates are welcome to contribute on the day, and assist Beth, SSW Technician, and Emma, SSW Artist, with the pit fire process.

Lumsden School will also have created there own ceramic works which will be fired during the event.

We would welcome any donations of fire wood to keep the pit burning for the day.

All welcome!

Alongside the pit firing, there is also and exhibition in the studios of the work created by our Artists in Residence over the last month. In addition Susannah Stark is leading a sound workshop (no experience required) and their is also a chance to flex your muscles in the Lumsden Strong Man Games, presented by artist Emma McIntyre.

Refreshments and a light lunch are available, donations welcome.


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