Slow Marathon Refreshment Pit Stop and Exhibition

On Saturday 10th of May, Deveron Arts held their Slow Marathon. The Slow Marathon is now an annual event and this year’s 26 mile route followed the historic drove road known as the Hielan’ Way, from Glenkindie to Huntly.

Silja, SSW’s intern, organised a refreshment pit stop in an abandoned cottage two miles from Lumsden. This spot marked the first 1/4 of the marathon. In addition to refreshments, she also installed an exhibition of her own work, work by Dundee based Josie Moore and work by four of our recent Emerging Artist residents, Tom Woodcock, Katie Anderson, Isabelle Sully and Vanessa Vaughan.

Here are Josie and Silja handing out teas, coffees and baked goods to the walkers (photo courtesy: Deveron Arts)

Slow Marathon1

A shot of the cottage, hidden by trees and a bend in the landscape and the view from the cottage towards the Cairngorms

Slow Marathon 16

Slow Marathon 15

A drawing and a sculpture by Thomas Woodcock



Cast telephone receivers with audio and altered photographs by Katie Anderson


Slow Marathon 7

Slow Marathon 8

Mixed media piece by Vanessa Vaughan

Slow Marathon 9

DSC_0090 copy

Granite sculpture by Isabelle Sully

Slow Marathon 11

Text on paper and sticker on wood by Josie Moore

Slow Marathon 12

Slow Marathon 16

And a selection of small constructions of painted wood, ceramic and bronze by Silja Strøm

Slow Marathon 14

Slow Marathon 13

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