April In Pictures

April has been a busy month with our residents working across all of our facilites.

Emerging Artist residents Vanessa Vaughan and Isabelle Sully have been brightening up our landscape with some Canadian/Australian flare, and have been working in the ceramics workshop and foundry. As their stays are about to draw to an end, we are sad to say goodbye.



This is Isabelle working in the foundry on a bronze cast.

Isabelle is interested in various aspects of contemporary art practice, particularly the role of the artist as worker in society. At SSW she has extended some of those ideas to the role of creative practices outside of urban centres. The work she is currently making is centered around ideas notions of labour, which are highlighted by Isabelle implementing the rationale of an daily 8 hour working week throughout her stay.





SONY DSCAbove: Miniature ceramic pieces by Vanessa Vaughan.

She creates fantasised, ritualistic, absurd and transformative traits in pieces she describes as “archetypes with a personal twist.” Her work is informed by Jung’s ideas of symbols and psyche and and how conflict between substance and psyche constructs contrived codes of morality.



We have also welcomed back the Brownlee Brothers, who were the winners of the SSW Residency Award, given in partnership with Duncan of Jordonstone School of Art and Design to a BA graduate. The boys have been making new work in the foundry for an upcoming exhibition, as well as creating the pattern for a large crucifix piece to be cast in iron.





In amidst bronze pours, hillwalks and potluck lunches, a break is sometimes inevitable. Here are Fraser and Vanessa enjoying a rare spell of Aberdeenshire spring sun!


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