Introducing the participants of our Emerging Artist Residency

Week in Pictures…

The March Emerging Artists Katie Anderson, Jen Bradley, Thomas Woodcock, Fiona McCubbin, Rachel Levine and Emily Iremonger, have been working in every workshop and almost every medium during their three week stay.

Here is Katie Anderson showing us her copper cast horn that she is hoping to install during a hill walk over the next couple of weeks.

















Last week we held studio talks, each artist had 5 – 10 mins to show an overview of their practice and share the work they were doing while in residence.


Yesterday Jen celebrated her birthday, so the residents gave her a nice collection of gifts, including some plaster casts, a porcelain quaich and, my favourite, a can of expanding foam.


SONY DSCJen works with memory, death and remnants. She has been working with a mixture of found objects, looking at methods of presenting, preservation and transformation.











Emily has two strands of her practice that form simultaneously. She has been working on a series of ceramic pieces, and from these she gathers materials, mistakes, and waste products that are then re-purposed into further works.








She also made a several slip-casts of quaich dishes for an upcoming exhibition.


Rachel has managed to use almost every workshop during her stay. Below are ceramic casts of leaves, the resin and plaster casts of rocks. She has also been busy in the foundry and metal shop. Rachel has several exhibitions upon return to Glasgow, so we look forward to images of the work in situ.
















Below are two images of Fiona McCubbin’s work. The first is a composite image of a large piece made in resin. The second is of two casts, one in resin and one in plaster. Fiona is interested in theories of the sublime, how this is represented through materials and light.

















This week also sees the arrival of four students from Claremont Ferrand in France ( Students from Claremont are selected to attend SSW every year, working with Senior Technician Eden in the foundry over two weeks to make new work.






















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