Natural Bennachie Pasta Party

Join Natural Bennachie artists Micol Roubini and Lorenzo Casali for a pasta making party at Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

Thursday 8th August, 6pm
SSW, Lumsden

With Natural Bennachie now in full swing, this is your chance to meet some of our talented artists. Micol and Lorenzo will be putting their pasta making skills to good use, inviting you to come and learn how to make the wonderful food from scratch. 

Currently constructing their own pasta making machine in the SSW workshops, Micol and Lorenzo’s pasta party looks set to be a great evening of creativity, discussion and of course, eating!

We hope you will be able to join us on Thursday 8th August and meet Natural Bennachie’s dynamic Italian duo. Guests will be shown how to make pasta and then invited to enjoy the results of hard labour! Once the pasta has been made, we will all sit down and have a lovely pasta meal together.

We look forward to seeing you at SSW.

For more information on Natural Bennachie please visit the website. You can also follow Micol and Lorenzo’s progress by checking out their blog.

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