Makers Meal

Makers’ Meal visits Oakwood Cookery School

On Monday 29th April, artist Merlyn Riggs’ made a variety of dishes for the attendees of ‘Food Chiasma’, a workshop hosted at Oakwood Cookery School, Elgin, as one of our touring Makers’ Meal events. On this occasion Merlyn was using the Makers’ Meal to echo The Arts and Crafts Movement of The Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century. Teasing them initially with just a simple tuna sandwich, and cup of water to symbolise generic food and mass production,  referencing the Arts and Crafts Movement. This movement was a reaction against the impoverished state of the decorative arts at the time, and advocated economic and social reform and traditional craftsmanship.

As a surprise treat, Merlyn then directed everyone to the artisan feast she had prepared that was hidden just around the corner!

If you would like to have our hand-crafted Makers’ Meal visit your event or workshop please contact the SSW office on 01464 861372 for more details.








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