Fernweh at SSW 

On Tuesday 30th April SSW hosted one of the ‘stops’ included in Fernweh, a traveling curator project by Deveron Arts, based on travel, hospitality and art in the public realm……

Fernweh is a project that aims to investigate notions of travel and hospitality within community and socially engaged art. Its objectives are to consider the notions of art in community (rural-urban) through a hosting, visiting and travelling programme in collaboration with a series of communities and institutions across Scotland.
For SSW’s contribution towards Dialogue and Collaboration, artsit Merlyn Riggs, presented her fourth meal as part of SSW’s Slow Prototype project. The publication to this project is coming soon, so look out for it towards the end of July! After Merlyn’s introduction about Food Clubs, the curators then  discussed and wrote notes that concentrated on Identity through various food groups….
Aritst Merlyn Riggs introducing her five dishes based on the identities that we adopt through the food that we choose eat.
Two participating Curators, Gail and Gibran
Participants were invited to write on the table clothes during their discussion of what is food and in particular what is good food?
The evening was a great success, consisting of delicious food and interesting conversation!
Later on throughout the week, the curators also travelled to Timespan in Helmsdale to discuss Community and Place, Kyle of Lochalsh to discuss Travel and Remoteness, as well as Inverness to focus on Urban/Rural Dialogue.
At the end of this project, a publication will be produced to define ‘socially engaged’ art. The final symposium came together on Saturday 4th May in Huntly to specifically focus on Hospitality and Visiting.
For further Information on this project visit www.deveron-arts.com/fernweh/

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