New work by Annie Campbell


Annie Campbell was one of SSW’s first MA Graduate Residents in our Ceramics Department. Recently, she has been busy exhibiting and teaching, focusing on hand built vessels and clay sculpture.

Her work investigates environmental destruction and our relationship to its effects, both physical and psychological. Her sculptures are autobiographical embodiments of her own intense frustration and anger while simultaneously acting as vehicles for illustrating our indelible connection to nature. Annie wants to give the tree forms a voice with which to declare their own symbolic demise. 

This year she is currently exhibiting in Breathe.White.Light, an exhibition with Christina Pitsch, at Soo Rye Gallery in Rye, NH which is on display until 28th June. For a sneak preview of the exhibition and more of her work take a look at her website, or take a visit to Rye! 


Ban Beinn, 2013 by Annie Campbell 

One response to “New work by Annie Campbell

  1. Thanks SSW! The piece you chose up there is a continuation of a series I started at SSW (its still there somewhere) as you may have guessed from my attempt at Gaelic. Miss you!!!

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