Natural Bennachie Events: Save these dates!

Upcoming events and activities…….

SSW is extremely pleased to announce our programme of some of the upcoming events and activities that will take place over the next few months, as part of our Natural Bennachie project. The events will happen at various locations and will be hosted by the four selected artists, The Bailies of Bennachie, geologists and many more interesting people……

Booking is necessary for some of the events so please check beforehand. We would love for you to help us celebrate The Year of Natural Scotland 2013!

Calendar of Events
Wednesday’s:                                     Artists’ on the Hillside
Every other Wednesday during June/July, and then weekly during August/September, the Natural Bennachie artists will be available to the public. They will be working out of the Bailies of Bennachie room in the Bennachie centre, or working nearby on the hillside.  A notice board will announce any participatory activities happening that day, and where the artists will be located.

Friday 21 June:                                   Summer Solstice at Mither Tap

Artist Henry Coombes will be hosting with the Bailies of Bennachie a Summer Solstice celebration at the Mither Tap

Sunday 4th August:                             Thinking like a mountain in reverse: an experiential workshop at the interface between art and ecology.

What is the relationship between art and ecology? How do we experience the ‘tangle of chains’ that constitute our relationship to the ‘natural world’? And is there, even, a ‘natural world’ to speak of?

Join Jonathan Baxter (artist) in conversation with Colin Shepherd (archaeologist and co-ordinator of the Bennachie Landscapes project) and Emily Holmes (ranger and educator for Forestry Commission Scotland) to learn more about the social and natural history of Bennachie. This workshop includes pre-workshop reading,* followed by on-site talks, walks, and participant performances.

Sunday 11 August               Giants’ Throw

This is a walking event between Tap o’Noth, Rhynie and Mither Tap, Bennachie.  Taking inspiration from the Nordic mythology of the North East, the walk will be following the folklore tale of the giant, Jock O’Bennachie, and his dispute with the giant Jock O’Noth. Groups will walk the path between the two mountain tops, meeting on the Gordon Way for a performative event.

Saturday 14 September –
Sunday 22 September:                       NEOS, Bennachie in the Landscape, SSW
The artists, with curator Jason Williamson, will be hosting a Bennachie Landscapes exhibition at SSW during the NEOS week. Everyone who has ever made a piece of work that has been inspired by the landscape and heritage of Bennachie is invited to submit work to be on display at SSW. The work will be curated into an installation of the Bennachie horizon.

Saturday 19 October:                         Celebrating Natural Bennachie

As a culmination event for the Natural Bennachie project, as well as celebrating 40 years of the Bailies of Bennachie, we will be hosting a celebratory event on Bennachie. The celebration will see the unveiling of the artists work, screenings of the artists’ films, and a presentation of the Art Science collaborations, which will be on display the following month at the University of Aberdeen.

Thursday 7 November –

Sunday 17 November:                        Bennachie ArtScience Exhibition, Duncan Rice Library, Aberdeen

Culminating the ArtScience collaboration with the University of Aberdeen Geosciences department is a 10-day exhibition of work in the foyer of the University of Aberdeen Duncan Rice Library. The work on view will be a follow-up of the Bennachie Landscapes exhibition held in 2012, and will be a chance for students and visitors to the University to see the creative practices resulting from the Geoscience collaborations.

We will be announcing further activities, artists workshops and film screenings shortly so please keep an eye on our blog or the Natural Bennachie website for updates and more information!


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