Summer Fire

Iron Pour and Pit Firing

24th August

Summer Fire will consist of an Iron Pour and a free pit – firing.

If you are interested in taking part in the Iron Pour, there are various options available. You can bring a finished mould ready to cast on the day and simply pay for materials used, produce a scratch mould on the day for a fee, or visit SSW the week beforehand, 19th – 23rd August and complete an Access Week, experiencing the whole process of casting in Iron, from sand – mould making, to pouring. The rate for self – catering accommodation is £230 or £300  (with technical assistance) for the week plus a materials fee, or alternatively £60 to come for two days, plus the cost of materials. For more Information and to book one of our limited spaces please contact our office on 01464 861372.

If you would like to participate in the free pit-firing run by Beth Bidwell please feel free to bring along kiln -dried work to fire, or attend one of our Drop In Ceramic Sessions by calling the office on 01464 861372.

We look forward to having you here at SSW!


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