Scoor Post by Emma Herman-Smith

Artist Emma Herman-Smith cast a bronze Scoor Post here at SSW in November, as part of a year long residency on the Isle of Mull. 

A wooden post had been marking a passing place on the Ross of Mull for 50-60 years, bearing the accumulated marks of time and the elements.  Emma’s bronze cast will now take over the long stand and begin its own process of change.  Grid reference Landranger NM 390 217

‘The artist’s felt despair and anger at our exploitation of the natural world is transformed into joy through a set of local actions and objects. In the same vein the An Tobar residency has supported a coming of age in the work of Emma Herman-Smith, where all these various strands come together, and that joy is of being alive and useful. The resulting art shows nature as part of our cycle, re-formed, cast and returned for the pleasure of all, where it will re-enter the fabric of the island. The elusive and the abandoned are made strong and decay is suspended. Science and spirituality may meet in these places.’ Kate Downie RSA – January 2013 

For more information on her residency and to view more of Emma’s beautiful, nature based work visit her website…..

Here are some photographs of the piece installed….



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