Kim Walker exhibiting in Aberdeen’s bid to become the next UK City of Culture

Gentler Passion by Kim Walker

Kim Walker completed a Winter Residency here at SSW beginning in January 2013, and the work she produced, Gentler Passion will be exhibited in June as part of Aberdeen city’s 2014 cultural bid programme!

Gentler Passion presents a sound installation exploring hand-made sheds that Pigeon Fanciers build for their birds.

Gentler Passion is one of many works that sets games, play, traditional hobbies and humour as concepts to explore within creative practice.

To view more of her work visit Kim’s website, to keep up to date with the Aberdeen 17 project, the bid to make Aberdeen the next UK City of Culture and to view Kim’s blog, featuring this month on a-n ‘artists talking’ section take a little look here….

We look forward to seeing the photographs of Gentler Passion once it has been installed!


Gentler Passion, by Kim Walker in The SSW Main Studio

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