Public Artist Opportunity at Scott Skinner Antennae Project Steering Group

Scott Skinner Antennae are looking to commission a public artist……

The Scott Skinner Antennae Project Steering Group (SSAPSG) wishes to appoint an experienced public artist to work in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, whose practice includes a strong element of community engagement. The artist will formulate initial designs and implementation plans for:

  • A recognisable creative ‘brand’ identity for Banchory
  • A rejuvenated town centre, focusing on Scott Skinner Square.

The purpose of this commission is to help promote and maintain the square as a vibrant civic space within the town enabling local people to make the most of it as their public space on a daily basis.

The vision is to develop Scott Skinner Square as ‘an attractive, adaptable and vibrant civic space that will act as a focal point for Banchory Town Centre and enable orientation to other areas of the town. It will have a unique local sense of identity, a warm, welcoming and inspiring atmosphere that encourages locals and visitors to spend time there’.


Deadline for applications 3rd May 2013

Date of Interview 15th May 2013

Artists will need to be able to start as soon as possible after interview.


The Artist fee over 4 – 6 months £11,000 to include all artists expenses

Additional funds for Engagement & Activities: up to £400 held by SSAPSG.

On how to apply, and for more information email or contact Nicola on 01330826520 at Woodend Barn or Hazel McLaren at Aberdeenshire Council on 07901850004.


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