Our Week in Pictures….

It has been a busy week at SSW …

This week has been full of variety and we have seen emerging art works from all of our residents, including work from Emerging Artists Tina Dillman and Chloe Windsor, the return of Jonathan and Sarah to work on their When The Future Was Now project, an iron pour with artist Jeff Van Weereld, as well as a piece from our Arts Development and Admin Assistant, Sophie Fishel.

Below is initial sculpture work from Arts Development and Admin Assistant, Sophie Fishel. The sculpture is fabricated from steel and painted black.

We look forward to seeing how it looks when finished! If you would like to see more of her works please visit www.sophiefishel.co.uk 

As previously mentioned on our blog, we are very excited to have San Francisco artist Tina Dillman working here for three weeks. Above is a photograph of her initial works, made from found natural materials she sourced from the surrounding landscapes. For more of her work check out her website www.tinadillman.com


IMG_7417Further developments have been made in our Ceramics studio, by our Resident MA Ceramic Graduate Ruth Hodgins. She has been tidying, sorting and organising the studio since her arrival in February. The latest improvement is a new a storage unit which has been built for the various glazes available at SSW to be displayed.

We think it looks lovely! For more of Ruth’s work have a look at her website http://www.ruthhodgins.com


On Thursday this week, Head Technician Eden Jolly and Technical Placement Thomas Leyland Collins did a small scale, very efficient iron pour, in which sculptor Jeff Van Weereld’s moulds got poured.

We are delighted to have Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins back at SSW, working here for the week on their When The Future Was Now project.

Above is of some of the drawings they have done, based on a new set of signage to be displayed here at SSW around the accommodation and workshops. In the picture below their behaviour is somewhat more mysterious! What exactly are these two clowns up to? And what have Beckett and Ukeles got to do with SSW? A clue can be found here:

More information on their work can be found on their blog www.whenthefuturewasnow.wordpress.com

All round it has been a varied and exciting week here at SSW!

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