Emerging Artist Tina Dillman has arrived at SSW

Welcome Tina Dillman….

This week San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) graduate student Tina Dillman has arrived SSW to complete a three-week Emerging Artist Residency. Her practice is ‘developed through the use of personal narratives that reflect the transcendence of memory and time. The work reveals the layers of the self that may be construed as vulnerable and inaccessible, due to the nature of childhood, class and gender‘ (Tina Dillman).

Tina has recently been studying abroad in Europe, extending her stay by engaging with Emerging Artist Residency programme at SSW. In the last few months she has taught a four-day performance workshop at Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Artes at Tours in France, which culminated in a site-specific  final performance, travelled through Madrid, Italy and Berlin. In Berlin Tina was in residence at the Lichtenberg Studios, where she did daily walking tours of the neighbourhood to learn of the history, culture and people of East Berlin.  

Last year Tina won a Paul Sack Building Award, San Francisco Art Institute,  Honorable Mention and recently exhibited in group exhibition Cuba: Experiences from Havana at the Studio 110 Gallery in California.

Tina will be in residence until the end of April. Tina will be hosting the SSW Week in Pictures next week, so keep an eye out for a visual insight into her residency.

To view more of her work and upcoming projects please visit her website.


Tina Dillman

All That Remains

33 Portrait Images shown on a random loop


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