Drop-In Ceramics and Pottery Workshops

Ceramics artist Beth Bidwell will be hosting a weekly Creamics and Pottery Drop-In Workshop every Tuesday starting next week.

Workshops will operate on a drop in basis and technical support and teaching will be available to suit individual needs. Beginners and more experiences potters/ceramicists are welcome.

Hand building ceramics,sculptural or functional,modelling,press moulding,simple mould making,throwing,and slab building are some of the making techniques that will be covered during the workshops.We will also be doing decorative work with a variety of glazes,slips and oxides available.

There will be a range of different clays available to work with including stoneware,earthenware,porcelain and paperclay. Most firings will be done in an electric oxidisation kiln but with the oportunity to experiment with smoke/paperkiln and pit firings when the weather improves.

Instructor – Beth Bidwell

Every Tuesday 

Morning Session:  9.30am -11.30am  

Afternoon Session:  1pm – 3pm 

Workshop Fee: £16 per session

Level: Beginners+

Beth inspecting plates

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