When the future was now –

Part 1. Living Sculpture and Talking Walls

Artists Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins are currently in residence at SSW, investigating sustainability in Lumsden.

Following on from the Sculpture in the Landscape symposium, and in moving towards the rejuvenation of the Lumsden Sculpture Walk, SSW are making enquiries into how we relate to our landscape, and how our environment informs our way of life.

Being based in rural Aberdeenshire, food production is part of our everyday experience, from being surrounded by cattle and an agricultural landscape to accessing produce – how we grow or where we buy. Food also shapes our lives socially, through the way we eat (whether it is at home cooking or takeaways) or the way food brings different communities together (coffee mornings or potluck dinners). All of this has an impact on us and the Lumsden community.

As part of their research Jonathan and Sarah will be talking with Lumsden residents and running a variety of food-related sculpture, collage and printmaking workshops. They will also be launching a blog to keep people up to date.

If you have thoughts about food and its impact on Lumsden, or if you would like to learn more about Jonathan and Sarah’s project, email us at office@ssw.org.uk, or take a look at their blog. Also keep an eye out for the workshops and events by connecting with the SSW facebook page.

Coming up next week:

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