Still Life Drawing at SSW

This Monday’s class marked the end of the first instalment of Still Life Drawing sessions at SSW.

The class, hosted by SSW intern and illustrator Jennifer Argo, guided the participants through various traditional Still Life drawing techniques through sketching, working with pastels, pencil and charcoal. The class also explored experimental mixed media alternatives, led by resident artist Joanna Foster of SSW’s Emerging Artist Series, such as collage and mono-printing.

Still to come is the next instalment of drawing sessions, an open-studio Life Drawing class which will take place on Monday evenings, 7 – 9 pm, in the SSW Communities Room, from the 22nd of October to the 12th of November.

To book a place on the class, please call 01464 861372 or email

Below: Shirley Reid’s fantastic Still Life collage; Still Life Drawing class at SSW on Monday the 8th of October with Joanna Foster, Kevin Andrew Morris, Anne Murray, Josh Van Dyke and Shirley Reid.


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