Call for Images for In-d-Negev Festival 2012

Artezahen are accepting proposals on the theme of water, specifically its cultural significance or its political implications, for In-d-Negev 2012.

In-d-Negev is an annual independent music festival in Gvulot, Israel. hosting 4000 people and over 70 acts between 18-20 October. Artezahen, the artist branch of the In-d-Negev, has been running for 5 years as an integral part of the festival as a whole. Our vision has always been contributing to the dialogue between entertainment, culture and art.

Water holds important practical and symbolic significance in every culture.  All major civilizations developed around a large source of water.Water plays a significant role not only in the five major religions, but also in nearly every recognized religion in history.  Since water cleans and purifies, many religions have beliefs or rituals that associate water with the power to clean us of our moral impurities.Water has also a strong political value and has been historically used an important tool in many of the world’s conflicts, including the arab-israeli conflict.  It is now taking centre stage in international politics; as supplies of fresh water diminish it is becoming one of our most pressing exhaustible resources.

Artezahen are looking for high impact images whose content concern themselves in some way with the question of water within contemporary society. These can be photographic, drawings or painting, or graphical work.

The installation will be large scale (billboard size) black and white reproductions of chosen images placed throughout the festival compound. The work will also exist in a dedicated publication.

Applications may be either a single autonomous image or a series of related images.The images can also be viewed as a format of presenting a larger project, for example: documentation of a performance or a re-imagining of video work as a series of stills.

There will be a catalogue produced specifically for the art section of the festival, which will offer a space for explanation of artworks, and a further space to present work.  Therefore submissions may also include an element of text work for publication.

Information on the work will also be included the wider publicity for the festival as a whole.

Artezahen accept multiple applications from individuals or collectives, and we are keen to include a large proportion of international artists in the final exhibition.

To apply, please send proposed images along with relevant explanation and artist statement/ CV (if applicable) to

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