Makers’ Meal At Scottish Sculpture Workshop

Friday the 31st of August saw all the components of the Makers’ Meal project coming together for the final meal, with each of the artists and makers involved in the project sitting down together to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Food: Merlyn Riggs, Nuno Sacramento

Tables: George Beasley, Keith Mellard, Jonathan Rose, Gavin Smith

Crockery: Judy Beasley, Beth Bidwell, Kevin Andrew Morris, Sophia Oliviera

Cutlery: Rachael Baker, Emily Wyndham Gray, Eden Jolly, Michael Marriot

Napkins: Rosie Wood

Table Decorations: Emily Wyndham Gray, Christine Muller ]

Writer: Dane Sutherland

Photography: Jennifer Argo

Items from the meal are available on a commission basis. If you are interested in any of the pieces please get in touch via or call 01464 861372 and the SSW team will put you in touch with the artists and makers involved!

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