Makers’ Meal is Coming Together

SSW Makers George and Judy Beasley, Beth Bidwell, Kevin Andrew Morris, Jonathan Rose and Gavin Smith have all been working incessantly to prepare for the impending Makers’ Meal event on the 31st of August. 

In less than three weeks time, all of the Makers’ Meal participants will gather round the fruits of their combined efforts to enjoy a meal prepared by SSW Director Nuno Sacramento and Merlyn Riggs, featuring hand crafted place settings, cutlery and interlinking wooden tables.

Yesterday the first table of the setting was pieced together by SSW board member Jonathan Rose and woodworker Gavin Smith. The duo, along with artists Keith Mellard and George Beasley, will work over the next week to complete the six-piece collection of interlinking tables. George Beasley has been working on a design to be burnished into the finished table tops, based on the rivers Dee and Don. Once completed, the design should be a continual thread, no matter how the tables are arranged.

The Makers’ Meal ceramics team, Judy Beasley, Beth Bidwell and Kevin Morris, have continued to work independently to create pieces which will come together  to create a collection for the meal. Judy has been throwing and glazing plates, serving dishes and jugs for the meal, while Beth has been working on a pair of bowls for the event, in a roughly triangular form to work in harmony with the table arrangement, as well as finishing all the  side plates. Kevin is now creating cup vessels with geometric bases using the moulds he created earlier in the Makers’ meal process.

We look forward to seeing the final pieces for the meal next week!

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