Beginning in September: Weekly Drawing Workshops at SSW

Scottish Sculpture Workshop will be hosting two sets of drawing workshops, both spanning four weeks, starting with Still Life classes on the 17th of September led by resident artists and SSW technical staff.

Following on from the Still Life workshop will be another four-week series of drawing workshops, beginning on the 22nd of October, where the class will be given the opportunity to develop upon skills in Life Drawing.

The Life Drawing class will be operated on an open studio basis, with a rotation of participants leading the process. Anyone who is interested in leading the class will be offered one free drawing session.

The workshops will focus on areas of development such as: form, proportion, perspective, composition, texture, colour, line variation, contrast, shading, positive and negative space, and the use of focal points.

The workshops will take place in the SSW studio and communities room, from 7-9pm on Monday evenings.

£8 per session for Still Life / £12 per session Life Drawing

To reserve a place on either of the four-week workshops, or to express an interest in leading a Life Drawing class, please contact Christine Muller on 01464 861372, or via email at

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