Lead Artist required for transitional work with older people in the Aberdeenshire Area.


Aberdeenshire Council Social Work and Arts Development Teams wish to commission a Lead Artist to work with residents and staff of Edenholme Care home, a new purpose built facility to be opened in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, November 2012. 

The aim of the project, entitled Moving On Moving In, is to

• use art and creative practice to facilitate the transition from the existing care home into the new accommodation for present residents and staff
• allow those who are unable to express themselves by means of verbal communication another medium where this can or may be achieved
• establish ways to integrate new residents in the future
• establish creative methods of working that reflect the holistic approach to care taken by the Aberdeenshire Council Social Work Team.
• to continue Aberdeenshire Council Arts Development Team’s range of strategic work with and for older people

For this project we envisage appointing a Lead Artist with at least three years experience of developing creative methods of working with vulnerable people in the community. The Lead Artist will work alongside the Project Coordinator and care home staff on site, with support from the Arts Development Officer throughout the process.

The role of the Lead Artist will involve;

• Working and liaising with the existing residents of the old care home who are due to move into Edenholme to develop the range of desired artistic interventions (see brief), and ensure they are accessible and meaningful to the residents,
• Working with care home staff to ensure their expectations and views are considered within the project, to engage them with the creative process as much as possible and to enable them to gain a greater understanding of the role of arts in health,
• Establishing a creative process to aid transition into Edenholme for future residents
• Working with the Project Steering Group to select, support and work in partnership with any other artists employed for the project.

Lead Artist fee is £9600.
Deadline for applications is Monday 27th August 2012.

Please see brief for more details. You can also contact either
Laura Buchan (Project Coodinator)
email laura.buchan@aberdeenshire.gov.uk
tel 01467 627675

Carla Angus (Arts Development Officer)
email carla.angus@aberdeenshire.gov.uk
tel 01467 628577

For more information, visit: http://www.aberdeenshirearts.org.uk/opportunities/opportunities.asp?id=7637

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