Makers’ Meal Setting Underway

Yesterday the Makers’ Meal artists and designers had another meeting to chart the progress of each component of the meal setting. Gavin Smith and Jonathan Rose showed us the interchangeable triangular table structures they have been working on in the SSW wood workshop, while George Beasley been working on the surface design of the tables in his home studio, putting together the flowing river design to be cast in bronze, creating interlinking channels connecting the triangular tables constructed by Gavin and Jonathan.

Senior technician Eden Jolly is also working away on cutlery for the place settings in our metal workshop. So far we have seen prototypes created out of large bolts, gradually flattened towards on end to create the concave head of a steampunk-style spoon.

Judy Beasley brought some of the plates, bowls, and jugs she and Beth Bidwell have been working on in the SSW ceramics workshop along to the meeting. She is currently using water based wax resist everywhere on the pieces she does not want glaze to adhere to. This not only saves glaze but also time spent sponging off glaze while using the pouring method. Wax resist can also be used on top of glaze and with oxides.

Below, Kevin Andrew Morris is our resident ceramics technician explaining mould making to SSW Director Nuno Sacramento. Kevin has been working on models of cup forms we will be using for the meal. Made in plaster originally, these forms are then pressed into a clay bed, and wooden boards are built around the clay bed and cup forms. Plaster is mixed and poured into the mould. The boards and clay are removed to reveal the first half of the plaster mould. Keys are cut into the mould and the process is repeated to cast the second half.

The cups are being made with geometric bases in keeping with the tables for the meal. We look forward to seeing the finished results once the pieces have been glazed!

Keep an eye out for more images to come as the pieces for the setting come together.





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