Tom Harrup at Heartwood Artists

Coming up this weekend is the opening of the Heartwood Artists exhibition in Fife, featuring past SSW residents including last years RSA artist Tom Harrup.

Over the last four years a core group of artists have been putting together an annual exhibition in a small wood in Perthshire, inviting other artists in to join them for the exhibition. The group have been invited to Cambo by Lady Catherine Erskine in the past to take part in ‘Snowdrops by Starlight’ in 2011. This year they have been invited back to curate their own show, with selected artists including Tom Harrup, Jessica Ramm and Edward Summerton. Edward Summerton is also a past participant of the SSW programme, producing the work ‘Flock of Starlings’ in September 2010.

Tom Harrup attended SSW last year as an artist in residence, enquiring into the replication of Bronze-Age mould-making techniques. The residency was part of a funded programme run by the RSA. During his visit to SSW, Tom made a series of forms that investigated the unseen, both in spatial and material terms, from a horse dung, sand and clay mixture. During the residency he researched and experimented with this material, forming it over stacked cardboard forms, joining certain forms together, then firing them in a sawdust kiln. Most of the materials were sourced locally, and in the case of the horse dung, dug up from a local farmer’s field. The residency culminated with an exhibition, Internal Tourist, at Left Bank Gallery in Tarland at the end of June.

Tom graduated with an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2010 and is now based at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. Time is a key element in the making of Tom’s work; a material is subjected to a series of processes, and the repetition of that labour accumulates as a new form. He is now showcasing his most recent work as part of the group exhibition at Heartwood Artists at Cambo, situated on the Cambo Estate in Fife.

The exhibition will also display works by Fanny Lam Christie, Kyra Clegg, Lorna Fraser, Su Grierson, Frances Law, Pat Law, Shona Leitch, Martine Foltier Pugh, Jessica Ramm, Johannes Sailer, Liz Skulina, Edward Summerton, Deniz Uster and Ceri White.

We look forward to seeing Tom’s and Edward’s most recent work at Heartwood Artists; if you are near Fife over the next few weeks be sure to check it out!

You can view Tom’s online portfolio at the following address:

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