Goodbye USUK-ers!

The Public Iron Pour on Friday marked the end of this year’s USUK: International Cast Iron Symposium, hosted by Coral Lambert of Alfred University, NY. 

We have had a fantastic time with the USUK crew; having many huge communal dinners, a string of artist talks, and not forgetting the two big production iron pours over the last few weeks. Kelly ‘Pimp-king’ Ludeking, Austin Sheppard aka ‘The Iron Sausage”, Kelly Wilton, Kevin Dartt, Geoff Hockley, Coral Lambert, Ben Woodeson and Susanne Roewer will all be sorely missed!

The symposium has been invaluable as a means of exchanging ideas, specialised techniques, and as a celebration of skill. Everyone involved put in a tremendous degree of effort towards their practice and in aiding others around them – we were incredibly lucky to have such a great group of people visit the workshops!

So many thanks to all the artists involved; good luck with your work and we hope to see you all again at some point in the future!

Here is a short clip of Coral Lambert on the USUK: International Cast Iron Symposium, before the UK leg of the event took off, explaining a little bit about the ethos behind symposium:

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