Makers’ Meal Underway!

On Friday the participants of our upcoming Makers’ Meal gathered together for the first time to discuss the outline of the project. Makers’ Meal will involve all of the artists’ collective efforts in creating a meal from the ground-up. In specialist groups they will produce everything from the table, ceramic plates, slumped glass drinking vessels, crockery, to home-brewed beverages and the meal itself!

The collaborative project is an opportunity for the artists and facilitators involved to bring the communal and collective practice of cooking a meal together into the artistic realm, as an organic process outside of a gallery context.

The artists and facilitators involved include: Sera Irvine, Merlyn Riggs, Nuno Sacramento, Gavin Smith, Nancy Fuller, Dane Sutherland, Judy Beasley, Beth Bidwell, Eden Jolly, Euan Ogilvie, Kevin Morris, George Beasley, Ginny Hutchinson, Emily Gray, and Christine Muller.

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