Jules arrives – permission to engage?!

I arrived Friday, at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop and was warmly welcomed into this fervent yet relaxed arts hub, buzzing and screeching with tools and tinkering and set boldly at the mouth of Lumsden Village.

My mission – our mission – (that we’ve fully accepted) is to unearth the voices that anchor this village and discover a hunger for creativity in an outwardly fed and watered community.

Whilst SSW folk busied around the workshops, I set off on foot into the village, for my first wander around.

You can read more about Day 1 of my village exploits here http://jules-barnes.blogspot.com/2011/09/goodmans-croft-day-1-permission-to.html

The people, the space and the temperament here make me feel like I can be playful; be myself to create, connect and explore.

My new radio chum Craig and I are heading to Lumsden Primary School on Monday for the first of two packed days of workshops.  We’re beginning the first session with bananas to use as microphones and from there, well the kids can find out for themselves…

More after school tomorrow,


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